Manipal Sand Heart Group present ‘Dread sight of AIDS’ at Malpe Beach

Udupi: December 1st is observed as World AIDS Day in all over the world. On this day people conduct many awareness programme all over the world.

To create awareness in people about AIDS every year of this day, Manipal Sand Heart Group makes sand sculpture at different places in Udupi district. This year this group made a sand sculpture in Malpe Beach with a Theme ‘ Dread sight of AIDS ‘.

World AIDS Day awareness sand sculpture was made by Srinath Manipal, Venki Palimaru, Ravi Hirebettu of Manipal Sand Heart Group. The Sand Sculpture art was support by Radha Medical Udupi. They distributed pamphlets of  awareness about HIV/AIDS to tourists Visiting Malpe Beach throughout the day.


News Source - Press Release

  • Kusuma Kumari G

    Very nice sand work to raise awareness among people about AIDS, 

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