Anjaneya grama Vastavya proved no use for locals

Political News:

images (13)It has been two months since the minister visited the village and doled out promises. The village has not witnessed any change, and none of the problems of Marli Koragas, for meeting of which the village stay programme had been organized, have been met. The disillusioned villagers are heard murmuring that the minister’s village stay programme was just an eyewash.

The bridge that proposed to provide connectivity to Koraga Colony in Muroor, which had stopped halfway, was noticed by the minister. He had ordered for completion of the bridge immediately. However, the bridge stands as it is, at half-finished stage. After the minister went back, no one has looked at this bridge.

During his stay here, the minister had laid foundation stone for the proposed community hall at Muroor. The land had been levelled for the purpose, and the minister had urged officials to finish the work without delay. He also had wanted hand looms to be set up to provide self employment to Koragas. Since the foundation stone was laid, only this stone stands as a testimony for the promises made then, as nothing has moved an inch ever since. The hall was to house the hand looms to provide work for locals. The locals are at a loss whom to approach to get these promises met.

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