BBC News :Mangalore Muslims page was created in 2012

Mangalore Muslims was created in 2012. A recent post claims the page is a “medium and voice” for Muslims.

The page has over 46,000 likes, but received at least 2,000 new followers after local news outlets and a few national channels reported the targeting of Sayeed.Suhana

The original post has since been deleted, but users have posted Screenshots.

  • attack of trolls
  • who is trolling the page

Mangalore Muslims took down the first post but in a subsequent one, they said the comments were not a “personal” attack on Sayeed.

However, they also betraying the Muslim community and trying to gain sympathy from judges by singing a Hindu devotional song.

They also posted letters addressed to Sayeed, saying her performance on the TV show was “not Islamic”. One letter sarcastically congratulated her on finding fame by embracing a “vulgar” medium.

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