Dirty diary could lead to JDS in next election, Poojary warned Congress

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Janardhana PoojaryFormer KPCC president B Janardhana Poojary has warned party leaders that the CD and ‘dirty diary’ episodes may help JD(S) in the next assembly election.Poojary told reporters on Monday that CD and diaries that have “recorded” claims of parties paying kickbacks to the high command will neither help the Congress nor the BJP, but could prove to be advantageous for the JD(S). Further, he lamented that the leaders of all political parties including chief minister Siddaramaiah and his ministers are engaged in discussing the CD and diary, throwing mud on each other, rather than focusing on acute drought situation prevailing in the state.”The state is facing an acute drought situation, but politicians are busy discussing the CD and diary. No political parties are seen showing any interest in talking about drought situation in the state.

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