Grandson of BR Ambedkar assailed Karnataka state government

National News:

download (7)Bharip Bahujan Mahajan Chief Prakash Ambedkar has assailed the state government for what he said was its failure in not placing material substantiating proportionate representation in promotional posts for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka. Prakash, also the grandson of founder of India’s Constitution BR Ambedkar, said it is this failure that led the Supreme Court to turn down the order granting promotion to SC/ST employeesInteracting with reporters on Sunday, Prakash said the February 9 judgment of the Apex Court was not against reservation for SCs and STs granted under Article 16 (4) of the Constitution. SC has said representation to SCs and STs in promotion can be given only after a state gets a report from a committee about inadequacy of representation as stated in the Constitution.

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