Hallihole Lady loadged a complaint of attempt of rape

Crime News:

rapeA woman, Gulabi (40) from Shadaberu in Hallihole village in the taluk, has accused a local attempted to rape her.

In a complaint filed at Shankarnarayana police station, she said that she was working in her courtyard when a localite attempted to rape her . She has named the person who reportedly transgressed her property before posing threat to her modesty as Gopalakrishna Yadiyala, a local.

“My old house is in a bad shape and faces the risk of crashing anytime now. Therefore, I was digging the courtyard for building a new house there. Yadiyala entered my courtyard and threatened to block my effort to build the house. He also said that he would set my house on fire if I build one,” the lady stated. She also added that Yadiyala tried to rape her thereafter.

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