India will soon boast of having the world’s tallest railway bridge

New Delhi: India will soon boast of having the world’s tallest railway bridge, construction of which is on in full swing, over the river Chenab in the difficult terrain of Jammu and Kashmir.

Also, the Chenab rail bridge, the crowning glory of the Kashmir rail link project, is expected to host bungee jumping and many other such exciting sport events.dc-Cover-5l0nnm097q86f9df5bnuj4e3f6-20170509065503.Medi

 There will be sight seeing points, trekking routes and hotels slated to be constructed in the area to cater to the tourists in the difficult terrain, railway officials said.

The 1.315-km-long rail bridge at the height of 359 metre over the river Chenab, 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower, will have two stations at both ends of it. The area was inaccessible earlier and the railways have to make 22 km of roads as access path for the construction of the bridge.

“We are in discussion with the Jammu and Kashmir government for development of the area as an adventure tourist spot,” said Sanjay Gupta, Konkan railway chairman and managing director.

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