Kodialbail-Kapikad to come together again

For the first time ever the two luminaries of drama industry have come together to showcase their talent on a single stage.The dramas of actor-director Devdas Kapikad and writer-director Vijaykumar Kodialbail will be played on the same stage on the same day.

K K Friends Mangaluru has provided this unique opportunity. On Saturday, November 26, at 10. 30pm the two dramas will be played at Mangaluru Town Hall.

kapiiiiiiiiiiii kodiallll

The first one is Kapikad directorial ‘Kode Budpale’. While Devdas Kapikad himself has written and acted in this drama experience actors like Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Timmappa Kulal and other actors of Chaaparka team will try to tickle your funny bone. Guru Bayar has provided the music.

Later ‘Kadala Mage’ a social drama with light hearted comedy directed by Vijaykumar Kodialbail will be played by Kalasangama artists. Dinesh Attavar, Dayanand Kulal and other renowned actors have acted the in Kadala Mage. A K Vijay Kokila has composed the music.

Along with these two dramas skits by Umesh Mijar and team and singing by Nishan Rai will give audience a perfect dose of entertainment.

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