The law ministry gave its nod for promulgation of the ordinance Jallikattu

National news;

_90383282_img-20151112-wa0000The law ministry gave its nod for promulgation of the ordinance. The home ministry then conveyed the Centre’s approval to the state government, paving the way for promulgation of the ordinance by Tamil Nadu governor Vidyasagar Rao.

Sources said the PMO ensured the ordinance was cleared expeditiously. “We acted in keeping with the promise of constructive and cooperative response PM Modi promised to Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam . Our objective was to ensure that there was peace in Tamil Nadu and people there felt reassured about the protection of their tradition and culture,” a senior government source said. The ordinance is expected to contain provisions prohibiting cruelty to animals and measures to ensure safety of spectators. It has been screened by the environment ministry too so that it can stand scrutiny in the courts, since a legal challenge is almost certain.

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