Mangaluru: Police issue guidelines for New Year celebrations


With New Year celebrations round the corner, the Mangaluru city police have issued guidelines to ensure that law and order is maintained and no untoward incidents take place. Public, hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts, and organizations/associations have been instructed to strictly follow the guidelines.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. All hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts, groups and organizations/associations hosting New Year parties/programmes have to wind up by 1 am. The parties are to be held only within the respective premises.

2. Restaurants and hotels that want to serve liquor at their New Year programmes beyond the time stipulated by the government need to obtain prior written permission from the excise department. A copy of the permission letter should be submitted to the police station concerned.

3. Even if necessary permission is obatained from the excise department, the programme/party should wind up by 1 am.

4. No member of the public will be allowed to smoke or drink in public places like bus stops or bus stands, public parks, playgrounds, railway stations etc, on the pretext of New Year celebrations or any other reason.

5. Organizers of New Year programmes/parties must obtain prior permission from Mangaluru city police and the event must be held within the venue.

6. Owners/proprietos of all hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts and groups and organizations/associations desirous of celebrating New Year should mandatorily submit an application to the office of the police commissioner and obtain prior permission. The celebrations may only be held in their premises. They should make sure that no untoward incident takes place.

7. They should also obtain permission for using loud speakers by applying for it from the police commissioner’s office before 4 pm on December 31.

8. Those using loud speakers should make use of box type loud speakers and ensure that the noise does not spread beyond their premises. The noise should not exceed the levels mentioned in The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000.

9. If the programmes are to be held in public places, the organizers should obtain prior permission from the department concerned and ensure that the programme gets over by 1 am.

10. Students and youth should not act indecently on the road on the pretext of celebrations. Legal action will be taken against violators.

11. Indecent, semi-nude or nude dance and gambling on the pretext of celebrations are prohibited. Special police squads have been formed to prevent harassment or trouble to girls or women in the pretext of wishing. The guilty will be punished as per law.

12. Celebrants of New Year should not forcibly waylay people on the road to wish them.

13. A special squad of traffic police and experts has been formed to keep an eye on those who drink and drive. The squad will be active all over Mangaluru and appropriate action will be taken against offenders. Action will also be taken against those who indulge in wheeling, drag race and screaming on the road on the pretext of celebrations.

14. Consumption of alcohol on beaches, indecent acts, nude or semi-nude dances and gambling in connection with New Year celebrations are prohibited.

15. No person or group may trespass private properties, houses, student hostels and working women’s hostels irritating or acting indecently on the pretext of wishing.

16. Bursting of crackers that disturb peace is prohbited. Applicants of permission will be held responsible in case of violation of law.

17. Organizers of New Year programmes should keep fire extinguishers, ambulance and take other precautions to meet emergencies.

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