Mangaluru is ranked 63rd cleanest city in India

National News:

Cleanliness on the ground no longer matters, projecting it online too matters. Namma Kudla learns this lesson the hard way with its ‘netizens’ not logging on to the Swachh Survekshan Survey carried out by Ministry of Urban Development . Result: Mangaluru is ranked 63rd cleanest city in India and second cleanest in Karnataka after Mysuru in the latest rankings on Thursday.
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Incidentally, Mysuru was number 1 and Mangaluru 3 in the last all India rankings.Major components of the survey totalling 2000 marks saw 900 marks allotted for documentation, 500 for direct observation and 600 for public opinion/participation. Mangaluru totalled 1350 marks (Mysuru 1743) securing 713 for documentation, 307 for direct observation and 330 for public participation. Indore adjudged the cleanest Indian city on the other hand clocked 1808 marks.

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