Panchang and Daily Horoscope – June 13, 2013

Country : INDIA

Sunrise : 06:03

Rashi : Cancer

Yog : Vyaghaat

Tithi : Shukla Paksha Chaturthi

GulikKaal : 09:00 to 10:30

City :Udupi

Sunset : 18:57

Nakshtra : Pushya

Karan : Vishti

RahuKaal : 13:30 to 15:00

YamKaal : 06:00 to 07:30


Choghadiya (Indicated Time is Start Time of Choghadiya)


















Planet Rashi Degree Nakshatra
lagna Pisces 20:23:59 Revati
Sun Taurus 27:58:25 Mrugshirsh
Moon Cancer 13:38:48 Pushya
Mars Taurus 14:44:50 Rohini
Mercury Gemini 22:13:16 Punarvasu
Jupiter Gemini 2:55:3 Mrugshirsh
Venus Gemini 17:52:9 Aadra
Saturn Libra 11:17:28 Swati
Rahu Libra 20:55:37 Vishakha
Ketu Aries 20:55:37 Bharani
Harshal Pisces 17:59:0 Revati
Neptune Aquarius 11:19:10 Satbhisha
Pluto Sagittarius 16:43:19 Purvashadha



ARIES : March 21 – April 20

Today will be an industrious day. The stars foretell that you may visit a historical place, or perhaps a museum. However, Ganesha says, you may need to pay a little attention to your health. If such is the case, it would be better to take the evening off for yourself.

TAURUS : April 21 – May 21

Today, Ganesha sees your mind shifting from your professional affairs and drifting, time and again, towards your home and family. You are likely to return home early and get happily engrossed in discussing pressing domestic issues with your family members. This will possibly be followed by a festive evening filled with fun and laughter. You’re going to devote the whole day to your home and family and will be inclined to do little else.

GEMINI : May 22 – June 21

There is a possibility of conflicts brewing at your home today. The demands made by your family members will increase and you may struggle to cope to meet them. This could make you ill-tempered. You will encounter large expenses in meeting these demands. You need to cut down on your expenses and increase your savings, says Ganesha.

CANCER : June 22 – July 23

The day shall find you in buoyant spirits, indicates Ganesha. As you are feeling lively and full of beans, you will not mind slogging it out, even if in some mindless activities or chores. It is a perfect day for activities like gardening, cooking, baking and even for a nice house warming get-together. Evening stars encourage you to go all out and splurge – emotion-wise, money-wise or time-wise – on your sweetheart! .

LEO : July 24 – August23

A lot of people will sing your praises, however you will not be satisfied with whatever is occuring. The answers to some questions that have been bothering you will remain elusive. You may become emotional owing to feelings of personal loss. You will also be bothered about the near future, says Ganesha.

VIRGO : August 24 – September 23

You will be in a very ambitious and conscientious mood today. Your actions will speak louder than words. You set the pace with your meticulous planning and careful execution. Ganesha says you may expect a lot of appreciation and recognition for your work coming from your boss and your colleagues.

LIBRA : September 24 – October 23

Ganesha says you shall pay more attention to your family and family issues. You will want to renovate and change the interior of your house or go in for purchasing new gadgets and décor for the home. You will spend time today with your family members. Ganesha says his best wishes are with you always.

SCORPIO : October 24 – November 22

It’s time to influence people and win their hearts whether it’s your crush, love or your boss. You may be eager to express your feelings for them. At work, you are likely to work actively and kick start the projects in the pipeline. Ganesha, advises your to keep your eyes and ears open.

SAGITTARIUS : November 23 – December 22

Variety is the spice of life. Add variety of activities to your daily schedule and nothing would seem boring any more, foretells Ganesha. Indulge in creative activities like writing, cooking, gardening or even reading. Catch up with friends and memories of old times; have a blast! .

CAPRICORN : December 23 – January 20

The hassle and bustle around you will not disturb you today. You’ve been holding your emotions in your heart and they have started suffocating you. Such an uncomfortable situation may hamper your logical reasoning power and make you feel trapped. But, this too shall pass. You will easily come out of the negative zone and move ahead on the path, foretells Ganesha.

AQUARIUS : January 21 – February 19

If you are an astrologer, doctor or a spiritual leader, today is a favourable day for you. Those who may want to challenge you must reconsider the thought of testing your strengths, says Ganesha. Doing charity work, helping the needy, and working for humanitarian causes give you a feeling of contentment. Today, it will be one of those extremely fulfilling days.

PISCES : February 20 – March 20

There is a thick chance that your day will be profitable on the monetary front. Money may pour in from business or even through overseas investments. Your knack for good public relations and networking will work to your benefit and good deals will come from far and unexpected sources as well. Reap the benefits and make the most of your contacts, says Ganesha.

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