People accepted politics of performance- Amith Shah

National News:

bjp_national_president_shri_amit_shah_paid_floral_tribute_to_the_queen_of_ullalrani_abbakka_in_ullal_mangalore_karnataka_on_august_21_2016_20160821_1444243761Addressing a press conference, BJP National President Amith Shah said, “People accepted politics of performance; this historic mandate will take the country to new direction.”

“This is biggest win for a party in these two states ever since bifurcation of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh,” he added.

Thanking the people of Uttar Pradesh for the landslide victory, he said, “ Move past Hindu-Muslim, a voter is a voter; politics of development should take place.”

Crediting PM Modi for the victory, Shah said, “PM Modi has emerged as the tallest leader in the country and even BJP’s political rivals have to admit it.”

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