Person injured himself got admitted to the government hospital

Puttur news;

A citizen of the city, complaining that the municipal office here had not provided him proper details as sought by him, poured out his anger at the staff of the office besides shattering the glass pane of the office. This incident happened on Tuesday, May 16  evening, and the person who injured himself got admitted to the government hospital here.expensive-generic-drugs-ireland-390x285

Muhammed Haneef residing at Darbe here had sought details from the city municipal office about the cancellation of door number pertaining to the building owned by him without his assent. The municipality had provided him reply but he was not satisfied by it, it is gathered. On Tuesday, he came to the office and questioned in-charge municipal commissioner, C R Devadiga. Even after the official gave his response, Haneef used angry words at the officials and in a fit of anger, hit the glass of the office. The glass pane got shattered and Haneef suffered serious injuries to his hand.

Haneef then reportedly showed his injured hand to the staff of the office before getting admitted to the government hospital. A lot of blood got splattered around the office floor as a result.

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